2006 Pictures
Fulton Tombstone
McKee Tombstones
Image from the back of the cemetery towards the front
A look at the Hamilton Tombstone
Hageman Tobstone on it's back
A look at the entire Hageman plot
Newman Tombstone. Appears to have been pushed up
Front gates with tree limbs in front of it
Tombstones scattered apart
Another look at some tombstones
Look at a couple Tombstones
A View looking towards the Moss Tombstone
The Tombstone that reportely "moves"
Foskett Tombstone
View of more tombstones
The New Rubio Woods Forrest Preserve Sign
Looking back into the cemetery from the main path

Entrance to Bachelors Grove Cemetery
The Main gate which leads to the cemetery.
Picture of the front gates leading into the cemetery.
What the entrance to Bachelors Grove Cemetery looks like.

Creek & The Remains of a House in the forrest preserve
The Famous Creek.
A look at the creek viewing into the cemetery.
The Fence which leads to the Creek.
Another picture of the fence which leads to the creek.
A man made well, found Outside of the Cemetery. Could have been used by Someone Who owned the House back there?
Another look at the well in back of the cemetery.

Bachelors Grove Trails & Misc.
In 1997 this is what the trail leading to Bachelors Grove had looked like. Many trees had blocked the path.
This Tree also in 1997 had fallen on top of headstones.
Again this was yet another Tree had fallen across the path inside the cemetery in 1997
Trail leading into the Cemetery.
Another view of the trail leading out of Bachelors Grove.
The outside trail looking into the cemetery.
Trail leading to Bachelors Grove Cemetery from The Midlothian Turnpike.
The trail that leads to Bachelors Grove Cemetery just outside the Midlothian Turnpike.
View of the trail that leads behind houses to Bachelors Grove. This is the second trail most people use to gain access to the cemetery after dark.
Thunderstorms rocked Bachelors Grove Cemetery, A tree that was just outside the cemetery is now inside the cemetery. Crashing thru the chain linked fence this tree now lies in Bachelors Grove Cemetery. The tree is fallen by the "Newman" tombstone.
Another view of this big fallen tree.
Midlothian Turnpike just outside Bachelors Grove Cemetery.
The Forest Preserve sign across the Midlothian TurnPike where you can park your vehicle.
Bachelors Grove Woods Entrance sign
A wreath hangs on a tree.
Some deer hang out near the cemetery, but they keep there distance.

Tombstones of Bachelors Grove Cemetery
Fulton Tombstone.
"Father" monument located near the Fulton tombstone.
"Infant Daughter" tombstone located near the Fulton tombstone.
"NewMan" Vandalized Tombstone.
Picture of "NewMan" Vandalized Site from a different angle.
Another view of the "Newman" Tombstone.
"Hamilton" Tombstone.
Another picture of the "Hamilton" tombstone.
Wooden Border near "Fulton" Tombstone
Another picture of the "Wooden Border" at night.
A Tombstone hidden underneath a fallen tree.
A Forgotten tombstone hidden in grass and weeds.
Yet another tombstone sunken into the earth. No telling just how far this tombstone goes down.
A forgotten tombstone marker located on the west side of the cemtery, buried under grass and leafs.
In April of 2001 I found this Tombstone on top of Branches and Sticks. Looks like someone wanted to BBQ The Tombstone.
Looks as if someone lite a fire behind these tombstone located by the entrance to Bachelors Grove.
Picture of "Hageman" Tombstone.
"Hageman" tombstone standing upright.
Tombstones sitting next to eachother at night.
Flowers sitting ontop of a Tombstone.
Tombstone laying under a tree.
"Deck" Tombstone
Another Picture of "Deck" tombstone.
Tombstones laying across from eachother next to a path.
Tombstones located just as you enter Bachelors Grove.
Tombstone sitting next to a path standing alone. (This is the same tombstone used on the Fox Family channel on Bachelors Grove Cemetery where there version of the white lady is seen walking near this tombstone)
Foskett Tombstone.
View of more tombstones.
This tombstone is located by the Fulton tombstone. Looks like someone tipped it over.
A picture of a tombstone with a squirrel's tail ontop of it.
Tombstone markers scattered around.
More Tombstones scattered throut the cemetery.